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Kute Pets - Best Pet Shope in Guwahati

Established in KUTE PETS is your one-stop, one-of-a-kind store for all things concerned with all-inclusive pet care. We are the one of the oldest pioneering pet care establishment in Assam, the first choice of most pet parents in the city. For the past 10 years, we have served as a community cornerstone for animal healthcare and lifestyle facilities. At KUTE PETS, we provide all solutions regarding pet health, comfort and care from A-Z, with the aide of professionals around whom your furry friend will be able to feel safe and comfortable while being cared for. Our GROOMING CARE procedures include compassionate grooming sessions by experienced pet groomers to clean and maintain your pet' s coat, vitamins and supplements to keep them healthy, and special diets to provide the best care for your furry friend. Our well-organized training services by expert trainers have had years of success resulting in a long chain of disciplined, obedient and amiable pet customers and their happy, unruffled parents.

Affordable pet care service

Every pet deserves to look like a million dollars! Like you, we consider pet care to be a necessity for all animals, and not just a luxury for a select few.

Stellar veterinary care

Since our inception, our aim has to lead the pet care industry with our expertise and to be the first choice for pet parents in Guwahati city.

Top brands at attractive discounts

We also offer discounts so that your pet can avail of their favorite food, treats, and toys without putting a hole in your pocket.

Pet Food delivery

Making your beloved pet wait for their favorite treat is the last thing we want to do! We will attempt to have the things delivered to your doorstep as soon as possible, wherever you are in Guwahati

Kute Pets Photography Award

   Photography has a way to express one’s distinct quality and personality, and that includes your pet! Kute Pets Photography Award was begun as a wholly novel initiative, exclusively for the benefit and entertainment of animal lovers all over the North East, to provide a platform to showcase the best photographs that the pet parents have taken took of their furry friends through the first- ever online pet photography contest in North East India. This is the first contest of its kind, designed, planned, and organized solely by Kute Pets from North East India. The lucky winners of the contest have the fantastic opportunity to be then featured and immortalized on Kute Pets Table Top Calendar of the Year, which, in fact also, is the first of its kind in North East India. This lovely and fun event is organized every year, so you have the chance to send in your entries to let you and your pet have their shining moment by showcasing your photography talent along with the charisma and cuteness of your furry model. Contact us to know more. Here is the chance to show the world the joy of your family pet, captured in a single image. Here are some glimpses of Kute Pets Photography Award 2020.

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